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About TTU

Founded by husband and wife duo JR and Danielle Whesu, Tiny Tots University was birthed out of a need and desire to provide equitable education to toddlers and their families regardless of their race, ethnicity, or socio-economic background. Together JR and Danielle have a professional background that spans over a decade which includes  childhood education, personal training, and police work.  Both are CPR and first aid certified, along with both individuals being certified nutrition coaches.


Tiny Tots University is dedicated to creating a nurturing, stimulating, and welcoming environment for all children ages 3-5. Our unique programs incorporate a variety of educational theories in an intimate learning environment ensuring that we focus on "educating the whole child", by allowing for hands-on experiential learning. 

Think. Reason. Question. Experiment. These are just a few of the skills and qualities that children will develop at Tiny Tots University. We’re focused on supporting children during all transitions throughout childhood. The curriculum was designed to adequately nurture the emotional and intellectual growth of our tots. Through stimulating situations and hands-on learning opportunities, our tots are free to develop into bright young minds. Reach out to learn more, about our admissions process and enroll with us today!

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