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Our programs are designed to meet the needs of both children and families through specific goals and objectives. We focus on building off of the strengths of each child, taking advantage of every teachable moment.


Learning Through Play

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Using a cross-curriculum learning approach, tots will learn the basic skills of cooking while enhancing their literacy and mathematical skills in the kitchen.

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Our Tiny Tots learn specific strategies to broaden

multi-sensory exploration and to promote engineering thinking through a play-based approach; and to understand and experience engineering for themselves through problem solving and collaboration with peers. Strategies include favorite actions(such as ‘dump & fill’ and ‘sort & classify’).

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tiny yoga

Our Toddler Yoga sessions help the tots to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and relaxation while using a combination of fun yoga postures, group games, storytelling, music, and breathing exercises. We also strive to teach self-awareness and build respect for ourselves and others in a fun environment.

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Art classes that focus on fine and gross motor skills, self-expression, creativity, and collaboration!

Tiny EngineerS

Tiny Art

Tiny Chefs

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