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TTU Athletics

Are you a parent, preschool, or home schooling co-op looking for ways to get your child active while learning team work, good character, and how to regulate their emotions? Tiny Tots University offers TTU Athletics for children ages 3-18.

Our TTU Athletics department is run by the dynamic Coach Kay. He is an experienced trainer and former Division I college athlete. His credentials includes NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NASM Certified Nutrition Coach, along with being CPR and First AID certified. Coach Kay's passion for health and wellness has positively transferred to several clients and businesses that he has served virtually, as well as in the Richmond, Va area. 

What makes our program unique?

TTU Athletics is a unique program designed to enhance health and wellness in whole families. We offer a variety of athletic services that provide everyone in the family an opportunity to participate. We also have the ability to travel to you!  If you are a preschool or homeschooling co-op we can come to you or a predetermined location to suit your individual needs.  If you are a group of parents that would like TTU Athletics to come to you, we can make those arrangements as well or provide you with our location. 

***If you are a preschool, homeschooling co-op, or organization, please contact us directly for pricing.***

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TTU Tiny Athletics

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TTU Pro Athletics

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Personal Training ages 3+

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Parent and Me Training

Tiny Athletics

Tiny Athletics focuses on children ages 3-5. Children are introduced to the basics of athletic movement skills (running, jumping, throwing) in a play based yet structured format. Children are encouraged to develop athletic skills that are fundamental to their early physical development. In addition, the exercises build cognitive and social skills, preparing them for early learning goals. 

Personal Training

Coach Kay is an experienced personal trainer that has worked with kids as young as 3 and adults as seasoned as 74.  This service is for parents that want their toddlers to have one on one attention; novice athletes, any individual who is looking to get in shape and reach certain health and wellness goals, and athletes desiring to be pushed to the next level. 

While Coach Kay has experience training student athletes in a variety of sports, he specializes in strength and conditioning coaching for both Basketball and Football.

TTU Pro Athletics provides opportunities for children ages 6-18 to engage in games that aim to enhance coordination, stability, strength, and functional skills while emphasizing teamwork, competition, and social interaction. 

Parent and Me Training

Our Parent and Me sessions offer a unique opportunity for parents and children to work on communicating effectively while working towards a goal. This option can be set up one on one, or with a group of parents and children. 

Pro Athletics

Sport Exercise
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